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Casambi technology works with any manufacturer's range of existing luminaires or already installed wall switches, but can also be easily integrated into LED drivers, LED bulbs or LED modules.

This makes Casambi an optimal solution in terms of ease of installation and functionality with minimal additional hardware and deployment costs.

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Casambi Installation

The most robust, cost-effective and future proof wireless lighting control solution

Casambi is becoming the premier wireless lighting control system within the global lighting control scene.

Casambi has alleviated the cost of traditional lighting control devices. While not scrimping on the cost of Casambi hardware, Casambi has managed to remove any concerns about having dedicated lighting control cupboards, complex output systems or control wiring for the end contractor.

For information on how to install Casambi products, refer to their individual datasheets and/or installation guides.

Casambi Eliminating Cost

Casambi has removed concerns about complex wiring diagrams or whether a peripheral requires one kind of power suppl​y or another, such as 230vac or a DALI power supply.

Due to the nature of all Casambi devices participating within the Bluetooth ecosystem, the devices create a web of communication, allowing all devices to communicate efficiently across all nearby partners.

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The Casambi Difference

Where Casambi truly shines is the free to use app, available for download through the App Store (iOS users) or Play Store (Android users). The app allows anyone with a smart phone or tablet to set up, configure and maintain a Casambi network.

This goes for setting up a new system as well as servicing it. 

Any servicing agent has the potential to diagnose, repair/replace and commission a faulty fitting without the need to involve a second servicing party.

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Using the Casambi App

Setting up your luminaires in Casambi is simple. With a Casambi-ready lighting system, all you need to do is download the Casambi app to your smart device. Whether you’re after simple dimming control or looking to create detailed scenes, the app makes this simple.


Read our helpful guide here. If you have any further questions, check out our technical support or get in touch with us.

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