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Planning your smart lighting

With a huge range of functionalities at your fingertips, the design possibilities are endless.

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Flexibility & Complete Connectivity

You can connect Casambi with any luminaire, sensor, switch or other lighting components. That’s how Casambi meets your needs today and tomorrow.


Installation & Maintenance

Cost Reduction

The installation phase is fast and easy. Minimal business disruption in retrofit projects or when you are expanding or restructuring the lighting area. 



Optimally integrated products available and 100% interoperable Casambi Ready luminaires, drivers, sensors and switches.


DALI Compatible

Casambi supports key industry standards and interfaces. DALI, EnOcean, 1-10V, PWM and phase cut dimmable devices and light sources can all be seamlessly used in Casambi networks. 


Suitable for all Projects,

Big and Small

Casambi suits well for all your projects from meeting rooms to retail stores to large buildings like BBC in UK with more than 14000 Casambi units. 


Lower Risk.

No Wires, No Hassle

The wireless lighting control system has fewer components and elements to design and install. When there are no additional cables, there is lower risk in installation.

Hospitality & Retail


Easily control your space with automated timers, giving you the power to enable different light levels, temperatures and scenes depending on the time of day. Restaurants can create an intimate atmosphere for evening dining experiences. Retailers can take advantage of dynamic colour scenes, for bright, engaging window displays.




With no control cabling required and remote management using the app, Casambi is ideal for retrofitting exterior projects. 


Basic colour sequencing scenes are a popular, simple option to add visual flair to otherwise plain exterior facades. These can be taken to the next level by using animations - dynamic scenes which can be used to cycle through different lighting situations for an impactful result.




Modernize your workspace with simple, yet intelligent control. Circadian rhythms can be supported within scene control, giving workers the right light when they need it. 


Using daylight sensors enables dimming of artificial lighting when daylight is available, reducing energy consumption and allowing for maximum lighting quality. Paired with occupancy sensors, these two functionalities go hand in hand to lower energy use and costs.


Museums & Galleries


All Casambi modules have implemented iBeacon technology. A beacon uses location awareness and can send out information to nearby devices, giving museums and galleries the opportunity to transform visitors’ experiences. Draw attention to art pieces with Casambi enabled luminaires, and further tell the story through iBeacon technology.



Smart lighting controls can aid students and teachers alike in staying focused throughout the day. Teachers benefit from the flexibility of being able to control the lighting to suit activities that may require increased lighting levels, such as in sporting halls for events.

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